Why You Should Seek the Service of a Construction Consultant

construction professionals

As we are probably aware that construction work is a very long as well as difficult with the challenges level and even risk of malfunction raising as the job becomes bigger. As the construction supervisor, it is actually your responsibility to supervise every part of the construction from planning to eventual earnings, as well as to make sure that the construction goes smoothly. Your work is an extremely significant one, perhaps even little mistakes can turn out to be something else.

A construction consultant can be important to your operations, offering important services which will make the project go easily as well as decrease expensive mistakes Among a few of the solutions that construction consultants are typically required to offer are:

• Project planning
• Outstanding management
• Construction health and safety

A commercial construction job of any size would require the planning stage. By having an excellent plan in place, you can expect to increase the possibility of getting the good results you want while lowering the danger of expensive errors or perhaps safety difficulties. It would be useful to seek the services of a construction consultant from the beginning of the planning process. The majority of such specialists are trained engineers, so they should be able to assist you to provide you with a construction strategy that meets your requirements and also fits into your financial budget. This is certainly a vital issue considering that most construction tasks have extremely strict budget constraints.

Apart from spending budget concerns, quality is yet another important aspect of construction. As the construction supervisor, you will need to make sure the integrity as well as durability of the building. It is also important that you identify areas of problem as early in the building project as possible, because they could be expensive and even dangerous when abandoned undetected. A construction consultant could possibly help all through each and every stage of the construction operation, pinpointing potential issue areas and also recommending possible methods.

Safety assurance is an additional area in which construction consultants tend to be very helpful. In any construction project, there will always be a high degree of danger and also complexity of the project. With the help of a construction consultant experience in the different aspects of risk management, the consultant will make sure that the safety of the construction workers and everybody involved in the project is carefully taken care of.

A construction consultant is a very specialized professional that is knowledgeable with different areas of the construction business. However, the costs of employing such an expert may seem unnecessary in the event that you already have quite a lot of projects under your hands, do not ignore the advantages that such expert can provide.

Think Pizza

Pizza topping (landing page), Pizza dough (product)


How often do you find yourself realizing you have been eating the same pizza dough, but ate variant pizza toppings throughout your lifetime? When developing marketing ideas, there are moments when I think that pizza is no different in the way we display variant types of landing pages online (pizza toppings) and redirect users to our subscription or product (the dough). Just like pizza toppings, think of variant toppings that will attract your customers.  I suggest building a variety of landing pages that will lead back to your website or call to action. Studies from wishpond show that business with 10-15 landing pages have shown increase conversion by 55% compared to business with less than 10 landing pages. In conclusion, it takes more than a website to get traffic. You will need to add extra layers (landing pages ) with links that drive users to your website or product.

3 Essential Time Management Tips for Contractors

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

The White Rabbit

     Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”

There’s a reason it’s called the rat race; you feel like you are running on a wheel and getting nowhere. That’s not good for business. In today’s competitive environment, you must work smarter (even if you are sick of hearing that phrase) and the best place to start is to manage your time.

Time management isn’t difficult but it does need your attention to set up processes that move you toward your goal with less wasted time. To get you there, try these tips on for size.

One: Prioritization

When everything is flying at you demanding to have your attention, it can be difficult to separate the important stuff from the time wasters and things-to-do-later list. The answer is deliberate prioritization.

Identify what is important and make sure it comes first. Start with a detailed work plan so you more accurately estimate completion dates and other important milestones. Keep this plan handy, even if you have to make a poster out of it, to keep it top of mind.

Having a prioritized plan can help you slay the dragon of procrastination. You know you have to stick to your plan so you won’t be putting the hard part, or any part, until later. The plan shores up your self-discipline to “Git ‘er done!”

You must retain power over your own time. It’s OK to say, “No” or “Not now.”

In addition, delegate tasks you don’t have to personally handle. Your employees will enjoy the new challenges and change of pace.

Two: Paperwork

These days, paperwork covers both the physical (still don’t have that paperless office) and the digital. Actual paper documents should be organized in an easy-to-use folder system. Alternatively, you can scan any document into a computer and store the physical paper elsewhere. Just make sure your computer files are as organized as the ones in the file cabinet.

You still need to keep time-sensitive documents handy:

  • Year-end financial statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Bank statements

But that’s a lot less paper than before, right?

Speaking of paperwork, payroll preparation is another area where documentation can be simplified and cleaned up. Take advantage of the available software solutions to save buckets of time in tracking hours worked, your budget, and scheduling.

Payroll preparation software often works off the familiar time sheet system that streamlines the process by using digital tools to connect everything. These solutions include the use of the cloud, mobile phones and tablets, and the office computer system.

  • Connect the office to the field or jobsite
  • Track employee hours per job.
  • Enter timecard entries into a smartphone from the jobsite (your foreman will love this)
  • Track labor expenses in real time
  • Compile time cards at the end of the pay period

Speed up data entry using preformatted templates. You will have more visibility into scheduling trade tasks while easily keeping track of your budget.

Three: Phone

Take charge of your phone so it helps you rather than hinders you.

First of all, and counterintuitively, you do not have to take every call as it comes in. Just make sure you return the calls by the end of the day. Most people understand you are running a business and don’t really expect you to be available every minute.

Schedule time each day to deal with phone messages and call-backs. This cuts down on interruptions and keeps your day on track.

Take advantage of the smart in your phone as well.

  • Email or text replies instead of talking
  • Use a smart app that makes one phone have two lines to keep personal calls separate from business.
  • Make sure project management tools are mobile friendly to cut down on trips to the office.

Time is valuable; to you, to your client, and to your employees. If it wasn’t valuable you wouldn’t pay for it. By setting priorities and using a detailed plan, streamlining your paperwork and payroll, and maximizing technology tools such as your smartphone, you can cut wasted time and provide realistic deadlines that you can stick to.

14 Day Unlimited Trial Signup Today

Edifica 14 day trial

We want to announce that we are going to be allowing a 14 day trial of all the features offered by Edifica to new users signing up to our free plan.

After getting several requests from newly signed users, we have decided this is a good way to show our new users all the things that Edifica can actually do for your construction business.

Stay tuned, we will be making this change effective in the next few days.

Construction needs man power to keep up with jobs

In the construction Industry, specifically subcontractors, they have been dealing with one issue in regards of growth and expansion, man power. Many construction employers deal with this dilemma in acquiring skilled labor workers to execute jobs. This causes many contractors to deny some of the work because they don’t have an efficient amount of skilled workers to do the job. As you can see this brings a trickling effect not just to the construction sector, but to the sellers and buyers. This causes a delay in production to have homes built on schedule. The question to ask is where did all the skilled labor go?


Here are some suggestions to reconnect construction industries with labor workers.

Construction Community

There are grants that are given to school districts and cities to train the upcoming work force or adults looking for a career change.  Getting connected with these career programs can help contractors to develop a connection with upcoming talent and or adults looking for a career change. This means that construction companies would need to participate in these communities where young adults and recent high school graduates are seeking to learn or venture into the construction industry.


The Internet

The internet has proved itself has a way to reach out to the masses of online users. With all this social media going on, there is definitely a market of skilled labor workers that a company can communicate if put in the time developing an online presence.

Major changes have happen in regards of online application that services businesses and consumers on their daily activities. There are applications out there that are solving solutions for the construction industry.  Laborfindr.com is solving the problem of labor shortage by having skilled labor workers sign up to the website for free and be notified when there is a new job posting. Construction companies can also sign up to the service for free, to post their jobs. Another application helping with the construction community is buildboom.com which is helping industry professionals connect and create communities around projects.

There are of course many other solutions in solving the labor shortage issue.  All it takes is effort to create a strategy that can be applied to your community and shared with other construction companies dealing with the same dilemma.

Add a little flare to your chrome browser


Add a little flare to your chrome browser by displaying professionally taken photos. The website unsplash.com have a chrome extension plugin that enables your chrome browser screen to display a random picture every time you open a new tab. Here are some sample pictures shown on unsplash.com.




And if you are someone who is looking for free pictures to add onto your site, desktop screen, or just share with friends unsplash.com allows users to download images for free. At edifi.ca we used a few of their images to display on on our landing pages. Check it out.



edifica register landing page

If you find yourself in front of screen majority of the time. I definitely recommend adding a little life to your chrome browser with unsplash.com chrome extension plugin.

Animated Video with Professional Voiceover Under a Hundred Bucks.


Developing an animation video can at first sound like a daunting task. I remember when the team at Edifica wonder if we could create a 2-3 minute animation video that told a story about how construction subcontractors can benefit from using Edifica’s cloud-based payroll preparation system. The first thing that came in mind is that: I can’t draw animated characters, I would need to teach myself on how to generate animated content, and who would provide a voice-over to narrate the story. The process sounded pretty heavy to tackle, especially being the first animated video for Edifica. The other option was to look at pricing for an agency or someone who knew how to develop professional animated explainer video. After a few searches online, the average came to be around $1500 to $2000, or if you wanted something top notch it would cost at least above $5000. So the team decided to take on the animation project and found a few resource that helped create Edifica’s first animation video. Which I would like to share with you.

First step

First step we took in creating an animated video was to create a story that explained how our payroll services will help construction subcontractors solve their problem with having to drive from their job sites to the office in order to turn in employee time sheets.

Here is our brainstorm whiteboard that took place in our initial talks. As you can see we weren’t good at drawing. But we were successful in getting out what we wanted to present on the animation by just jotting our ideas.


Second step

We started writing out a script that would provide a narration(voice-over). We used a free planned service from Celtx that helped us keep our script organized and was accessible online, which gave our team an environment to collaborate. Awesome tool!


So far we are still at $0 dollars.

Third step

After looking at a few Do-It-Yourself videos we came across GoAnimate, an online tool that helps users create instant animation videos just by dragging and dropping animation content onto the timeline editor. Yes, there was a bit of a learning curve to get the handle of this tool, but after watching a few GoAnimate video tutorials I was able to put together a basic animation from what we wrote on our script.

The cost for GoAnimate $39 dollars a month.

The last and final step in putting together our animation was searching for someone who could provide professional voice over for our scripted narration. Luckily, we landed on a site called fiverr and it sure had an array of voice over professionals to select and hear samples of their work. We came across a service called Throttle Up Media who provided a voiceover with synchronization to our animated video. The whole voiceover process took about day and a half to be completed. But once we received our final animated video with a professional voiceover we were just impress on the overall result.

The cost for a professional voiceover was $57. Our total came out to be $97, just under a $100.

If you are looking into creating an animated video for your company and don’t know where to start, leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to provide suggestions.