2017 New Year Resolution (Again)

New Year

Resolution – the act of resolving or determining upon an action, a course of action, method, procedure, etc.

We are on a yearly minded cycle, meaning once we get close to the end of the year we begin to reflect on the past and start to develop resolutions for the future. Meanwhile, your present state continues the usual routine (habit).

Why do we look for a resolution? What is a resolution going to do in return? Have your heard this phrase before “It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it?”. Before you jump ship onto your resolution, I recommend you look closely at why you need to resolve a current habit or situation. Look into understanding its core reason.

Depending on the resolution it can be an instant gratification, like cleaning out your personal email inbox from junk/promotion mail. And bam! Instant gratification! But, if you are deciding to lose weight and expecting major results in a two-week turnaround, forget about it. If you read the first sentence of this blog post. Resolution is a procedure oriented process, take small steps into resolving your situation (but, be consistent).

Buying! If you think by just buying a product or service it’s going to magically resolve your situation, forget it too! We expect things to work right out of the box. Take the time to learn exactly what the product or service will do for you. Don’t just pull the trigger because you see others with it and you need that as well. Again, learn exactly what your needs are.

Whatever you decide to change or improve. Take the time to find its core purpose, put meaning into your course of action.

If you have suggestions about to execute a new year resolution. Please leave a comment below.

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