A Moment of Silence

Do you remember the time you left your phone behind on accident? Your day is going well and you are heading over to have lunch. Then you realize that your communication tool to connect with the world is at your desk. At first, it feels weird not having a communication device. You start to wonder if anyone is calling or sent over an email.

I had this moment happen many times. Every time this would happen the mind would wonder into areas and start analyzing everything that crosses its path. But then, there is a moment that I’ve learned to achieve over the course of accidently leaving the phone behind. This is a simple process that anyone can achieve. Let me share the process in how to achieve a moment of silence.

Focus your attentions on a natural object

If you are at a restaurant during lunch, it can be anymore. Take the time to look outside and find a natural plant or tree. Focus your attentions on that natural object. Look into its detail texture and really begin to follow how it flows with the wind. Don’t think about the whys, hows, and whats. Just stare at the object and observe. The idea of focusing your attention to an object is to releave your mind from thoughts and get into a moment of silence.

Relax the body

We don’t realize how often we don’t take in good inhale/exhale breaths. Add this to your focus attentions as you observe an object. Begin listening to your breathing pattern. Slowly progress in inhaling air to your lungs. Progressively, continue to intake more air, slowly. If you begin to feel your body is moving to a relax state, then you are on right path to achieve a moment of silence.

A Moment of Silence

Releaving your mind and body from all the noise that goes around helps refresh your current state (like working out). We live in an exciting time where technology is pioneering us to a whole new era of living. It is a fast pace lifestyle. But remember to give yourself a moment to realign yourself.

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