A Moment of Silence

tree (moment of silence)

Do you remember the time you left your phone behind on accident? Your day is going well and you are heading over to have lunch. Then you realize that your communication tool to connect with the world is at your desk. At first, it feels weird not having a communication device. You start to wonder if anyone is calling or sent over an email.

I had this moment happen many times. Every time this would happen the mind would wonder into areas and start analyzing everything that crosses its path. But then, there is a moment that I’ve learned to achieve over the course of accidently leaving the phone behind. This is a simple process that anyone can achieve. Let me share the process in how to achieve a moment of silence.

Focus your attentions on a natural object

If you are at a restaurant during lunch, it can be anymore. Take the time to look outside and find a natural plant or tree. Focus your attentions on that natural object. Look into its detail texture and really begin to follow how it flows with the wind. Don’t think about the whys, hows, and whats. Just stare at the object and observe. The idea of focusing your attention to an object is to releave your mind from thoughts and get into a moment of silence.

Relax the body

We don’t realize how often we don’t take in good inhale/exhale breaths. Add this to your focus attentions as you observe an object. Begin listening to your breathing pattern. Slowly progress in inhaling air to your lungs. Progressively, continue to intake more air, slowly. If you begin to feel your body is moving to a relax state, then you are on right path to achieve a moment of silence.

A Moment of Silence

Releaving your mind and body from all the noise that goes around helps refresh your current state (like working out). We live in an exciting time where technology is pioneering us to a whole new era of living. It is a fast pace lifestyle. But remember to give yourself a moment to realign yourself.

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Benefits in Making Connections

making connections


Making a connection is a valuable asset to your business and future projects (also personal growth). You never know when that person can lead you to an opportunity. It’s not all work and developing services. Put the time to get out there.


There are always lots of opportunities that come from just networking with people. It’s knowing which opportunity to jump onto that align with your personal goals and business. Opportunities come from referrals of clients you worked for in the past. Attending conferences or meetings, finding the like-minded folks who are also trying achieve their personal goals.

Positive Influence

Look around you when attending a social event. Ask yourself if they are feeding off positive energy. Look for ways to surround yourself with uplifting people.  Keep your mind focused and positive.


Get out of the comfort zone. As Steve Blank says on a constant basis “get out there” and see what works and what doesn’t. At first, connecting with someone at an event can be tough. But once you get two or more conversions in, it becomes a breeze to introduce yourself or have others introduce you to them.


Helping others is the ultimate satisfaction as a human being. Get involved with your community. You will be surprised by how much of an impact you will be to someone just by lending a hand.


Making lasting connections that will go beyond the past projects or business. Friendship is created from liked minded and similar interest. This is where comes the phrase “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know”. This is where opportunities are created and ideas are started. Because of the trusting relationship you have with that person.

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In A Stormy Weather (Productive Environment)

productivity rain window

Productive Environment

We have gotten in moments where we are being productive at work and all of a sudden…!Boom! rain comes pouring down. It makes us stop for a moment and appreciate the pleasant sound of rain. The reason I bring up rain and productivity is because at work we tend to create a work environment that feels calming and pleasant. And I wanted to share my work environment. Usually at work in order to work in a peace-minded environment, there is always background being played. The beat of a song tends to keep me in a momentum while developing applications, such as Cloud Time Cards.

Positive Energy

Having a good energy within in your organizations makes it welcoming for any type of idea to be shared. It usually takes one person to start this trend within an organization and it just spreads like wildfire.


Take a moment to talk and listen to your co-workers about life inspirations. This usually happens on a Monday morning when everybody has a thing or two shares about their weekend with an emphasize on how they could have improved their weekend a little better.

Real Plant

What do you mean a real plant? Yes, a real plant place in your office space. I have one on my desk to the right of me. At first, I thought it was just a nice gift from my parents, they felt like they haven’t seen me for while so they sent over a plant. Over the course of the weeks at work, I found myself taking care of the plant (in a good way). It gave me a consistent responsibility to give it water and care. Co-workers would come by and compliment the plant on how nice it looks. This plant has given me the environment of peace and tranquility while working on projects.

In Closure

Find ways that you create a pleasant environment space for yourself and co-workers. It doesn’t have to be a dozen plant place throughout the office. Look into ways you create by listening in to your peers at work.

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Growing up on a farm

cow farm life

What I learned living on a farm

Many friends and family members have asked what’s it like growing up on a farm. And the answer comes to them as a surprise, because they see it as a get-a-way from all the noise in urban areas, an approach to reveal stress and anxiety.

Believe it or not, when I first moved to a farm it was hard to adapt into its constant everyday maintenance. There were daily TODO’s that had to be done before proceeding into my personal ambitions. For instance, we had farm animals to feed every morning! And I couldn’t just leave it for tomorrow because those animals had to eat. This was one of the toughest things to adjust because my weekdays and weekends revolved around farm animals and cleaning horse stables. It took a few months to adjust to this lifestyle. You know when you first started going to the gym and your body is in pain after every workout. But, you don’t shake that pain off for a few months. That is how I felt for months trying to adjust to farm living.

Eventually, I reached a point where feeding the animals became automatic. I would wake up and just get out there and start feeding them. I got good at feeding the animals that I started finding shortcuts in reducing the time feeding them.

This free time gave me an opportunity to try stuff out or experiment. Meaning, I would find ways to improve my productivity in how I fed animals. For example, by placing haystacks in certain areas of the farm it would save me time in having to return back to the barn for more hay.


Apply it to your personal or work lifestyle

I started to apply my learnings from working on the farm out in the workforce. Once I caught myself doing something over and over, I would stop and begin in how to cut its time in half.

I’ve shared this with my family and friends about how not to get comfortable in their current situation, always challenge yourself. Einstein has a quote “Once you stop learning, you start dying”.

If you feel that you can change in how you do things in your daily routines, whether it’s personal or work. I challenge you to take the initiative in doing so.

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