Entrepreneur or Business Owner?

How often before heading to your daily task, you look in front of a mirror and ask “I’m for financial gains or I’m for change”, or both? The reason why you took upon this task can be clear at first. Later down the line, you are blocked by barriers that a lot of times disrupt your initial objective. Having to change direction constantly, can result in being confused in exactly what you want to achieve. Asking yourself if you are truly an entrepreneur or truly a business owner?


An entrepreneur. This individual will take on risks like no other. Constantly looking into new projects to develop. Will sell out their company and move on to the next ‘big thing’ in their agenda.

Business owner

A business owner. This individual seeks in creating a sustainable business. Creating relations with returning customers. Having about 10-20 employees not eager to grow, unless customer growth shows that your company needs to expand.

Which one are you?

An entrepreneur is always looking for ways to reinvent the wheel when it comes to day-to-day operations.  While a business owner takes an existing product or services and takes it straight to market.

Both entrepreneurs and business owners share the initial risks when starting out. But as time goes on, the risk as an entrepreneur become riskier than a business owner establishing their presences with its existing customers.

They are both exciting fields to take on. Before you decide the path you would like to venture in. Take a moment to reflect your initial goals and truly ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Are you someone that wants to make changes in how things are done? Are you someone who has a business mind and wants a sustainable business?

If you have gone this path before and would like to share your experience. Please leave a comment below.

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