Monthly meetings with staff: find things to improve


When you hear about staff meetings the first thing that comes to mind is boring, dry presentations of information.  But, having regular meetings with your staff are essential in growing a great business. With a few minor changes to your current staff meetings it can make an impact to your company’s performance.

boring meetings

Consider the following:

Having face-to-face meetings with your staff has been proven to increase trust and transparency in teams and also develop a social identity within the company.

Human collective is much more creative than one person. There are many ways to improve the day-to-day operations, but having your team in the same room to discuss in ways to improve is far more efficient then a single employee calling the shots.

Meeting with fellow co-workers on a regular basis will encourage ownership of the work they do because of constant communication with one another.

Get Feedback! Within every great business feedback from their fellow employees is a crucial piece in improving company workflows and goals. A simple evaluation email form to solicit feedback, or have an open discussion as a team.

Key point:

You as the leader to your company have to consistently look into ways in improving your company’s performance.  Hold regular meetings with your team to discuss ways to improve or to push your company to the next level.

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