Practice this Simple Technique to Become more Efficient

Many of us have a list of things to do during our work hours, which it seems to be ever-growing. Yet we don’t lose hope that one day it will be completed. In the morning you might rush into the office trying to figure an execution plan for the list of tasks you formulated on the commute to work. Unfortunately, more than likely you’ll be disappointed by the end of the day if you compare the tasks that were completed with the ones you had on the list you had mentally prepared in the morning.

At some point I read in an article that prioritizing your tasks is the key to efficiency; while this technique helps in my case, I thought it fell a bit short from the results I expected or needed. It turns out that (in my case) distraction were the source of my shortcomings when it came to completing the daily list of tasks I was setting for myself. They were distraction related to work, but time consuming enough that were keeping me from finishing a lot of tasks I started on. I came across an app with the technique to go along with it that I’ve used and was much happier with the results.

Pomodoro App

The application is called Pomodoro (I will list the links below). It is simple application, looks much like a simple timer, but what makes it great is the technique that accompanies it. The goal of the technique is to keep you focused on the task at hand and help you ignore any distractions. This is how the technique works:

A full work day is divided into 11 25-minute spurts of productivity. If you complete all these periods successfully it means you had a productive day. Every Pomodoro, which refers to a 25-minute period in which you can’t do anything, but focus on the task at hand is followed by a 5-minute break in which you can do anything. This might include surfing the web, return a personal phone call, coffee break, etc. After the 5-minute break follows another Pomodoro and so forth. Once you complete 6 consecutive Pomodoros you get a longer 30-minute break, lunch break. After the long break there are 5 more Pomodoros and your day is done. It is pretty simple and straight forward and doing this while following the app makes it even simpler.

The results I got from this were amazing. You wouldn’t believe the amount of time we lose by not doing our day to day tasks on this manner. The issue is not so much that you do things you should not, but more the fact that you start working on a new task before you finish the task you were previously working on. This technique might not work for everyone, but it certainly did for me. Give it a try.



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