Why is technology important for a small business?

A decade or two ago business owners had the luxury to not hold technology as one a high priority issue within their business environment. A small business could get by and prosper without depending or using technology on the regular basis. Today, things have changed dramatically when it comes to the adoption of technology. Modern business cannot expect to be successful without the use of technology. Although, the majority of business embrace technology there are still a few business owners who are hesitant to adopt technology and embed it into their business infrastructure. If you are still hesitant to part with your Luddite tendencies, let me tell you something, technology is not going anywhere. On the contrary, technology will become more and more predominant as time goes by from here on out.

A business which does not take advantage of the cloud, software and fast computers is at a huge disadvantage because more than likely their competitors are constantly looking for new ways to streamline their day to day operations with the use of modern solutions both hardware and software based. From experience, I will share an example regarding text messaging. In the early 2000’s text messaging was relatively new and the business I was working for at that time was hesitant to its adoption. Some employees had a company paid phone and we were all for having the text messaging added to the phone plan. Naturally the challenge was to explain the advantages texting would bring versus the financial cost to management and have them approve the change. It is completely understandable from a business stand point to be reluctant to make the change. During the early 2000’s texting was looked as something only a teenager would do for fun or to socialize with friends, not to execute a job task. Slowly, but surely management came around and started to see the benefits of being able to send a text message with instructions in just a few seconds as opposed to making a phone call and having leaving a message if the person you were trying to reach was not available. Shortly after the company started using texting, I started to see a significant and positive impact on how operations were carried out. I was to send a coworker and update via text message and allow that person to save time or change how they carried out their duties more efficiently. Since then text messaging has evolved tremendously with smartphones becoming more mainstream. Now a media message can include a lot more than just text; a message can now include images, video or links to internet sites making the possibilities almost infinite.

Messaging is only one of the plethora of advances in technology that could have a positive impact on your business. The download speeds of modern internet connections allow for new cloud services to be developed and existing ones to be refined at a staggering rate. Computing has also advanced, that also offers possibilities to be exploited by your business.

Advances in technology should be a factor when planning and implementing your business strategy. The winning businesses will not stand out only for having a good product/service and good staff, but also by the efficiency they are able to integrate technology solutions to reduce friction on their day to day operations, which elevates the overall efficiency of the business. Technology is very important in the workplace and finding a way to bring old paper-dependent processes into the modern era will dictate which businesses will be successful. The implementation of technology in your business is not optional anymore.

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