Who is your ideal customer?

Every business wants customers storming into their front doors by the thousands. ¬†You could spend a few thousand in outbound marketing to get the word out about your business. And yes, you would get a huge audience to look into your product or service. But, your outbound marketing efforts are more likely to produce “lack of qualified leads”.

Let’s move away from just casting a net into a large mass of water and hoping we will catch a few good fishes from the batch.

Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile or “ICP” – just to sound cooler when you are around other marketers. Start by asking these simple questions to form your ideal customer.

Question #1 – What type of person uses my product?

Does this individual belong to a certain age group (Millennials, Baby Boomers, etc…)? Does your product or service attract to one gender over the other? Or does it depend on their occupation or educational level? Ask questions that will narrow your search for your ideal person who will use your product.

Question #2 – Where are they spending time?

Once understanding your ideal customer. Find out how they spend their time. Look into what types of activities they are involved in. Do they spend most their time online? Understanding their interest gives you better leverage in what makes them tick. This insightful information will lead in develop content relevant to their interest. For example, how-to videos, productivity ebooks, PDF fact sheets, and etc…

Question #3 – Why do they buy our product or service?

This is base on all the information you collected from question 1 and 2. Is your product or service solving an issue for your ideal customer? Underlining what makes your product or service better than your competitor. Understanding your client’s problems or needs, and how they benefit from finding a solution.

Once you have created your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), your company can focus their marketing efforts on your target customer and remove resources that will not close a deal.

If you have suggestions on how to better target and create an Ideal Customer Profile, please leave a comment below.

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